Welcome to AFRIRENT


The company was founded to provide professional, affordable services in the field of Fleet Management and Fleet Telematics while enhancing and encouraging black empowerment. At Afrirent we innovate to resolve transport management problems before they present themselves. We understand the importance of accurate fleet management reporting and extraordinary customer service. We are able to deliver a seamless mobility solution.

As a successful Transport Management provider, Afrirent (Pty) Ltd is ideally positioned to provide a total Fleet Management and Telematics solution to its clients.

However, more important than all of these necessary attributes, there exists the innate understanding that to succeed in this competitive market, we must constantly adapt and recast ourselves to ensure our continuous alignment with the needs of our clients. We believe that “focused” is the word that best describes our approach to all aspects of the professional service we provide.


Is to be a world-class organisation within the
African Continent that provides cutting
edge professional service.


To provide a world-class professional,
individually tailored service to our clients that would meet and
exceed their expectations.


In the 14 years since Afrirent was established, our company has grown exponentially. We have evolved from a small fleet management company, to currently managing a fleet of over 28,000 vehicles on behalf of our clients.

Investment in technology and relationship building have been the cornerstones of our growth. We provide our clients with robust reporting and fleet management systems that provide complete fleet cost and operational visibility, enabling effective fleet control.


Our growth strategy is based on building on our core competencies and expanding our experience to complementary industries.

As a result of our growth and diversification, Afrirent Holdings has been established as an investment company that houses our operating entities. We foresee exciting opportunities in growing our car rental business. The first Afrirent Car Rental office is now operating at the Kruger National International Airport and is the cornerstone of our expansion into the national car rental industry.

Our vision is that Afrirent’s growth be driven by diversification into travel and tourism, aviation and other businesses that we can intergrade horizontally.


Currently ensuring that over 28000 cars, vans and trucks are maintained, serviced and managed daily, we work in close partnership with our customers. They benefit from a relationship where our team of experienced dedicated staff cares about delivering value for money.

Afrirent ensures a thorough recruitment process to warrant that the right staff with relevant experience are placed within our organisation to deliver unparalleled Customer Service, Expertise and Value to our Customers.