At Afrirent Fleet Management we are humbled and encouraged by the support we have received from our clients over years. Our steady growth over the past 15 years has proven that indeed great things can come from small beginnings.

We look back at those early days when we only had two trucks. It took hard toil and determination to break into fleet management business, which to this day remains predominantly white-owned and managed. From two trucks, we got an opportunity to provide 40, then hundreds and then thousand vehicles as our reputation preceded us.

Although the fleet management industry has changed somewhat, the challenges remain. But we now have the experience and know how to play the game to a point where we can successfully win business that had been the sole preserve of big players.

How gratifying it is, that despite all the challenges, we have been able to successfully deliver more than 2000 vehicles to the City of Johannesburg. These vehicles will be used for the provision of much-needed services such as electricity, water, emergency and policing to its residents. This is a feat no black-owned and managed company has achieved before. Indeed, we are now a force to be reckoned with in our own right. 

Afrirent’s business has expanded over the years to include support systems and technology such as tracking and monitoring, fuel supply, marking our growth from those first two trucks to managing an extensive fleets of cars, trucks and vans across South Africa with a turnkey offering.

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